Success factors for Investor Relations in takeover scenarios

A practical guide for IR Managers

Best practice investor relations are critical for companies in M&A situations. Top management support by investors and analysts is a mandatory prerequisite for the success of any takeover or defence projects. Furthermore, shareholder sentiment is also decisive for the public perception of an M&A project. Skillful IR managers know how to leverage public sentiment for their cause and optimally support top management.

The guidelines in this publication share an underlying thread: No transaction or defence mandate is self-explanatory. Each M&A scenario has its idiosyncrasies and complexities. These need to be communicated appropriately – to the financial community, to the media, and to the wider universe of internal and societal stakeholders. IR managers play a decisive role in shaping the narrative for all these audiences.

Based on a series of expert interviews, merged with our experience from hundreds of transactions, this paper presents 10 best practice tips for IR Managers in M&A Situations:

  • The right tonality
  • Commitment to M&A criteria
  • Transparency on deal breakers
  • Focus on cost synergies
  • Transparency on restructuring expenses
  • Provide top management time
  • Leverage sell-side research
  • Align with corporate communications
  • Audience-specific engagement strategies
  • Prepare a buy-side activism defence

This advice is complemented by deep dives into takeover defence situations and regional specificities in Continental Europe, the UK, the US, and East Asia.

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