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Our consultants are our capital. Our advice is only as good as the people who deliver it.

The expertise, creativity and commitment of our employees are crucial to the success of our clients – and to our own success as a company. And that is why we need intelligent people who will take us and our clients forward, who share our passion for communication and policy, who are ready to go the extra mile for the client. We need team players and leaders, lateral thinkers and forward thinkers, fighters and experts – as well as people who are determined to become all those things in the future.

Current opportunities

We need team players and leaders, creative thinkers and problem solvers, doers as well as visionaries – and people who strive to get there.

Working with Hering Schuppener Consulting

Our clients place highest demands on Hering Schuppener Consulting. If we are to meet these challenges, we need outstanding personalities and consultants. We are looking for people who not only have diverse areas of expertise, but who also have strong communication and persuasive skills, possess drive and character, thus enriching both our team and our clients. We only win together. Our strength lies in the ability to bring together the expertise, commitment, and individual strengths of every one of us in effective, solution-focused teams.

We expect a strong university degree and a keen interest in business and finance, as well as social and political developments, plus perfect German and fluent English.

We offer challenging assignments and an attractive career development in a fast-growing, value-based consulting company. We put special emphasis on our professional, performance-oriented environment in which competence, excellence, and speed all count. We’re at the table with some of the biggest economic players in Germany, and we regularly advise large international clients and assist with major transactions. We are a team: working together means being creative together, deliver maximum performance together – and also having fun together.

What does success mean to you? If it means contributing your personality and your ideas to the team, motivating people and being motivated by an inspiring environment; if you find it exciting to shake up the status quo at companies; if you don’t always take the easy option, instead looking for the best solution, even if it’s harder; if you share our values – then we’d like to meet you.

Entry opportunities


An internship with Hering Schuppener Consulting gives you the opportunity to spend your time off from university working on various projects, gaining an initial impression of what our consultancy is like.

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As an intern, you are a member of our client teams and are given responsibility for a particular area. You are mentored by an experienced consultant during your internship.

Ideally you are in the final year of your first degree, with a convincing record of above-average grades. You are interested in subjects in the areas of business, financial markets, politics and communication. You are fluent in English, both spoken and written.

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Graduate entry

As a rule, you join us as an Associate immediately after graduating, learning our trade on the job. For the initial period, you are mentored by an experienced consultant and inducted into project work.

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During this period your development follows what is known as the lock step procedure. You spend exactly two years as an Associate, before becoming a Senior Associate. This period gives every employee the opportunity to develop both personally and professionally into a practised consultant. You acquire the tools of our trade, gradually taking on more and more responsibility.

Every one of our employees is a permanent member of a team, but they also acquire an overview of the other areas of the consultancy and advisory services offered by Hering Schuppener Consulting. This on-the-job training is supported by the Hering Schuppener Academy, our internal training programme. This takes the form of one-day seminars covering the theoretical fundamentals of what we do and training in presentation and self-expression, both oral and written. Not only our junior employees benefit from the Academy: so do middle management and the senior team: it’s just that the subjects are different.

In addition, our Insight Lunches give all employees regular opportunities to improve their knowledge of the capital market, the legal framework in which our markets operate, and how the media work. We invite external guests to take part in discussing current themes and trends.

On joining us you will be assigned a mentor who will provide help and support. He will explain the values that we live by, and help you to find your way through our day-to-day interaction.

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Entry with professional experience

For direct entry as an experienced consultant you need at least four years’ professional experience – as a journalist, in a corporate group, in politics, in administration (a ministry, for example), an agency or in management consultancy, majoring in communication, strategy, marketing, investor relations or public affairs – ideally in senior positions.

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Your career level and function generally depend on the extent of your experience, your personality, and the specific expertise that you bring to our team. As a professional with many years’ experience, you will be able to contribute your expertise at a strategic level, and continue your development in a working environment that is ambitious, but at the same time imbued with the spirit of partnership. You will be involved in trailblazing decisions, and in giving clients strategic advice in situations critical to their success – in individual projects and on a continuing basis.

Your work with changing teams and for clients in the most diverse sectors will be constantly challenging. Supported by our focused training and coaching programmes, you will continue to expand your technical, methodological and social management skills – and to hone your profile as a leadership personality.

far you rise within middle and senior management will depend entirely on your performance, both as part of a team and with the client. With us, the sky is the limit: you could even become a partner. We help you to continue successfully along the path you have chosen.

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Personal mentoring, a variety of training courses and individual advanced training make sure you can continue the development of your skills at Hering Schuppener Consulting. From the day you join us you will have an experienced consultant available to you to help with any questions about your day-to-day work. He will support your career and offer help with your personal development. And on top of that, your mentor will introduce you to the values that we live by, helping you to find your way through our daily interaction.

The Hering Schuppener Academy enables all employees to benefit from training courses, both internal and external. Specialist topics are regularly discussed at seminars and workshops, which also highlight options for continuing personal development. In addition, all junior employees take part in annual training courses – run in collaboration with a school of journalism – to develop their writing skills.

Our Insight Lunches give all employees regular opportunities to improve their knowledge of the capital market, the legal framework in which our markets operate, and how the media work. Our employees have the opportunity to discuss current themes and trends with invited external guests, who show them the view from senior management level in banks, corporate groups, management consultancies, law firms, media houses and other social and political institutions.

At the senior level, focused training and coaching programmes further expand your technical, methodological, and social management skills – and hone your profile as a leader.

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We are looking forward to your application

Your application should include a covering letter and a clearly structured CV. It would also be helpful to us if you could enclose any relevant references and credentials, including your Abitur or school leaving certificate. If possible, please send us your application in electronic form.


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