Legal notes

Hering Schuppener, Berliner Allee 44, 40212 Düsseldorf has released this statement relating to data protection as part of the company’s commitment to protecting your data privacy. It describes how we deal with collecting and managing your data. By visiting and using the website, you give your consent to our data protection policy.

If you do not agree to this data protection policy, you should not visit this page or use it for any other purpose.

Person-related data and non-person-related data

When visiting the website, you voluntarily supply us with information capable of being traced to your person (“person-related data”) or, in certain circumstances, you may be asked to do so; the relevant data includes your name, e-mail address, postal address and telephone number, but may also extend to include further particulars.

We also reserve the right to collect and compile non-person-related data such as the address of the Internet provider, pages visited, browser type and other data which does not reveal the identity of a person (“anonymous data”).

Use of information

Unless otherwise announced at the time of collecting the relevant data, we do not make any person-related information sourced via our website available to any uninvolved third parties, unless this is necessary within the scope of your inquiry or on account of statutory regulations. For purposes of optimizing and enhancing our website, we sometimes may collect anonymous data in order to perform trend analyses, to administer the website and for market research purposes. For instance, we may exchange the anonymous information collected with uninvolved third parties, i.e. we convey the data in question to business associates, producers, distribution companies and retailers in a form that does not allow any person-related tracing nor any links to be established involving person-related data. Without your prior, express consent, we will never pass on your person-related data to uninvolved third parties unless this occurs in connection with the sale or merger of our company or of the business division responsible for such services.

We wish to advise that we reserve the right to access person-related data and other information collected by us and to disclose such items if this becomes necessary within the scope of statutory or administrative requirements in order to enable us to conduct investigations in the event of suspected fraud, nuisance or other infringements of laws and violations of legal regulations, of the rules and regulations pertaining to the website or the rights of third parties or to investigate any doubtful state of affairs that we consider unfair or dishonest.


While you use the Internet, you leave behind tracks of electronic information on each website you visit. This information, which is sometimes also referred to as “Clickstream” data, can be collected and saved by the server on which a website is hosted. Clickstream data can show us what type of computer and which Internet software you are using, as well as the URL of the website from which your link emanates. We take the liberty of collecting Clickstream data and use it as anonymous data to establish at an anonymous level how long visitors stay on our website, how they navigate through the site and how we can adjust our web pages even better to the needs of our visitors. This information is used to improve our website and services. Each collection and each use of Clickstream data is anonymous and of a general nature and does not contain any person-related data (unless this occurs unintentionally).

Data security

The security of your person-related data is very important to us. We have established appropriate physical, electronic and business processes and methods to protect and secure the information collected by us. Due to the generally open nature of the Internet, however, we cannot guarantee that the communication of any data between you and us or that data stored on the website of our server is completely inaccessible to third parties such as hackers. By using our website you expressly acknowledge that you are aware of this risk.


“Cookies” are small volumes of data that can be saved by a website on the hard disk of your computer in order to facilitate and improve your communication and interaction with this particular website. Numerous websites deploy cookies to this end. We take the liberty of deploying cookies to customize your visit to our website and to make it more convenient for you in the process or with a view to improving our services. You can prevent, restrict or delete cookies placed in your computer from your browser by changing the default settings of your web browser accordingly; in this event you can still use our website, even if some features might not function the way they should. We do not deploy cookies on your computer to obtain person-related data or for purposes not associated with the website or your interaction with it.

Child protection

It is not our intention to collect personal information from children below the age of 13. Should we determine that person-related data of children aged less than 13 years has been saved without the consent of the parents or legal guardians, we will take all measures at our disposal to ensure that information of this kind is deleted from our database.

Other websites

Our website may contain links to other websites not operated or maintained by us. Other websites may also refer to our web page or contain links to it. We recommend that you exercise the necessary degree of care when leaving our web page or surfing on the Internet and to carefully read the data protection statement of each and every website you visit. We are neither responsible for data security practices nor for the content of other websites.

You should be aware that person-related data that you voluntarily pass on and send online can be read and used by others. Moreover, person-related data you place in chat rooms, on bulletin boards, blogs or other publicly accessible forums can be read and used by everyone who has access to such forums. We are not in a position to monitor any such use of your person-related data, and by using such services you expressly acknowledge that the person-related data you happen to forward may be read and used by third parties.

Changes to data security policy; log-off procedure

We reserve the right to modify these principles or abridge or extend parts thereof at any time. However, should we intend at any future point in time to handle person-related data in some other manner than stipulated herein, we will announce such changes to this platform and give you an opportunity to terminate your participation in such use. Your continued use of the web page after our announcement of possible changes to our data protection practices means that you have accepted the changes in question.
If you happen to receive unsolicited e-mails from us, you may simply answer these and request not to receive any more of these in the future. You also have the option of having your person-related data entirely removed from our list of active users. All requests for deletion and de-registration should be sent to us via We will deal with your request within an appropriate period of time upon receipt thereof. We are not responsible for deleting your person-related data from the list of a third party, such as of a business associate to whom your information was forwarded in accordance with these data protection principles.

Your communication with us

By giving us your e-mail address, you expressly agree to receiving e-mail messages from us. We take the liberty of using e-mails to communicate with you in order to provide you with the desired information or any information about other products or services developed or marketed by us. We will not forward your e-mail address to other parties for the purpose of providing you directly with information about their particular products and services.
Any data you send us via e-mail or by some other means – including any information, questions, comments, proposals and the like – is not confidential and is not considered personal property and will be handled accordingly. Everything you send us that is not explicitly dealt with in this statement may be used by us for any purposes whatsoever, including reproduction, disclosure, forwarding, publication, broadcast and network uploads, and in any other manner. In addition, you expressly agree to allow us to make free and unfettered use of any ideas, concepts, know-how or techniques contained in information you send to us, without this resulting in an obligation to make any required payments in return. Moreover, you expressly agree to allow us to use such information contained for any purpose, including the development, production and marketing of products and services on the basis of such information.

Contact address

Should you have any questions concerning this data protection statement or on data security, please contact us:

United States of America

Our services are available in the U.S. By using these services, you provide authority to export person-related data to the U.S. and to save and use such data in accordance with these data protection guidelines.


This data protection policy is valid in the present version and was last updated on August 11, 2004.